#7: A CLIL Skill UP

John Cruft & Jake Whiddon
04 November 2016

What is CLIL? What are the 4Cs of CLIL? How can CLIL help your students truly learn English? In this episode, John & Jake discuss the core feature, theories and principals relating to CLIL. Listen now and get some practical ideas for starting your CLIL classes today. This episode also features teachers from the Asia region from the Macmillan Asia Upgrade Days featuring Jim Scrivener.

Hujiang Map

Big thanks to Nam & Phuong from Vietnam and Jack Wilson & Joanne Sai from China for their input on this podcast.

Download the extra materials mentioned in episode below:

Uncovering CLIL: A higher skill set for developing reading fluency

Graphic Organizers page

CLIL Workshop Handout

Music by: The DongXis

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