Making the Next Move with Milky Way

13 June 2016

2016 began Macmillan Education Asia’s close relationship with one of Cambodia’s biggest language schools, Milky Way English Schools. This means ongoing training and development in an exciting and vibrant emerging market. As Cambodia grows economically the demand for further education grows too. Macmillan Education Asia is proud to be part of this development and eagerly offers training to teachers in the market.

Our regional Asia training team have conducted training to over 350 teachers with Milky Way on using the Macmillan Next Move series with a strong focus on classroom activities, pronunciation, teaching vocabulary in context and making grammar teaching engaging. The monthly training sessions have been a testament to the commitment to that Milky Way’s local teachers have to quality English language teaching and passion for development. We are also involved in developing the management teams by offering soft skills training and other train the trainer techniques. Macmillan Asia and Milky Way look forward to developing the future English stars in Cambodia together.

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