ELT UPGRADE Webinar Series – Reading Upgrade Special

24 November 2016

When: Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12:00-14:00 Bangkok / Ho Chi Minh

13:00-15:00 Beijing / Taipei

14:00-16:00 Tokyo / Seoul

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Part 1 – Skilling up for Reading Success: Critical (but often neglected) practices in the reading classroom

Part 2 – Approaching extensive reading: Boosting motivation to read through a practical framework for success

Join us for a double webinar special with hosts Dr. Scott Miles and Jake Whiddon; author, teacher trainer and extensive reading experts, exploring how to help young adult and adult learners develop reading skills and motivate them to truly engage in reading.

Designed to help you develop your students’ essential reading skills, this double webinar will discuss key practices and activities with the largest impact on reading skill development and examine how to motivate students to read for enjoyment and benefit from the wonders of extensive reading.

Host info

Dr. Scott Miles

Dr. Scott Miles is an assistant professor and program head of the ESL Department at Dixie State University. He is the series editor of Essential Reading (Macmillan Publishers) and author of Book 3 in the series. Dr. Miles is a board member of the Extensive Reading Foundation. His research interests include grammar and vocabulary acquisition, extensive reading, and cognitive approaches to language learning.

Jake Whiddon

Jake is the regional teacher trainer with Macmillan Education. Jake has over 13 years of ELT experience in China as a teacher, teacher trainer and school manager. He has also worked as a course director for the Trinity College London DipTESOL and CertTESOL courses. Jake holds a Trinity DipTESOL and International Diploma in Language Teaching Management from the University of Queensland, Australia. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Teacher Professional Development with NILE, UK.

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