ELT UPGRADE Webinar Series – Getting children talking…in English

09 April 2017

Keen to boost your young learners’ communication skills and get them talking more in the classroom?

Join us for an exclusive webinar with ELT expert Alison Blair, and explore ways you can motivate students to speak more in the classroom.

When: Wednesday, April 12th 2017

Where: Online

What time: 3pm (Thailand/Vietnam); 4pm (China); 5pm (Japan)

Whilst parents may be keen for their children to acquire a high level of English for their professional futures in a global world, for the majority of young children English is quite simply what happens in your classroom.  The more you can engage your children’s attention through appealing content and attractive activities, the more English they will learn as well as laying the foundations for a life-long positive attitude to language learning.

Young children are by nature eager to communicate and collaborate.  In this webinar we will particularly look at ways to upgrade speaking skills by increasing the amount of time each child speaks in a lesson. We will look at a variety of activity types and how to manage them in small and large groups.

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Speaker Bio

Alison Blair started out teaching languages in the UK, she now lives in Europe where she divides her time between teaching English in infant and primary schools, training English teachers and writing classroom materials. She has also worked with the British Council, as a teacher trainer, setting up professional development courses for primary English teachers in Europe as well as collaborating on courses run by teachers’ centres and training organisations in several countries in South America and Europe. She has co-authored several courses for Preschool, Primary ELL and she is one of the authors of Academy Stars, a new primary course from Macmillan.

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