Our Story

For over 170 years Macmillan’s pioneering spirit and reputation for quality has enabled us to build lasting relationships with teachers and educators around the world.

Today, as education changes, we’re adapting with it to provide the solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience for everyone – whether that’s a child learning their first words of English, a class engaging with a locally focused curriculum or a higher education student writing their first thesis.

The milestones we hit along the way demonstrate both our drive and the direction we’re travelling in, pushing our business forward in new and innovative ways. As technology opens new doors for teachers and students, we’re learning from our partners in other industries and creating products that adapt to different learning styles, combining the creative use of data with our proven pedagogical understanding to make new tools for teachers and students.

But for all of our digital advancements, we haven’t lost sight of who we are and what we’re here for. Macmillan Education exists to produce high-quality, trusted educational materials wherever they’re needed and to support the users of our products, both teachers and students, in getting the most from what we publish. We are a big publisher, but our regional structure means that we can really meet with the people who use our products and work with them to provide the solutions they need for learning today and in the future.

Made up of the three equal strands of Language LearningSchools Curriculum and Higher Education, we provide for every stage of education: with learners for life.With learners for life